At DHD Structures all of our work is undertaken by experienced engineers Chartered by the Institution of Structural Engineers and the Institution of Civil Engineers who have a passion for conservation. We have extensive experience within both design and construction ensuring our designs are both efficient and buildable.

Structural Alterations



When making alterations to the layout of your property we design the works to achieve the desired layout without causing structural damage to the retained building fabric. During our site visit to view the property we seek to understand your requirements with respect to cost of the works, layout and quality of materials, this informs our design and ensures we provide a design which meets your aspirations.

Structural alterations vary from removal of short sections of load bearing walls to wholescale remodelling of properties with extensive structural interventions. We are have extensive experience of alterations to modern, twentieth century and historic buildings. 

New Build Design



We work closely with the project architect to design the structural & civil engineering elements of new properties. We take a flexible approach to design undertaking initial feasibility design to advise on critical structural dimensions and assess alternative forms of construction. In the following scheme design stage we determine the size of all critical elements for coordination with the architecture and building services. This is then progressed through the detailed design leading to construction stage information and Building Regulation approval.


We have extentensive experience of new build design within the domestic, education, health, commercial and retail sectors.

Structural Surveys



We provide structural surveys to domestic and commercial clients who wish to better understand the condition of the property they own or are looking to purchase. Surveys can be tailored to suit specific concerns, such are issues raised by a home buyers survey, or be general structural surveys considering all elements of the property.

Our experience of structural surveys includes the following:

  • Heritage properties from 14th century onward

  • Domestic properties

  • Reinforced and post tensioned concrete properties

  • Structural steelwork frames, cast & wrought iron structures

  • Timber framed properties (modern and historic)

  • Fire damage surveys

  • Assessment of foundation settlement

  • Post WW2 'Modern Methods of Construction'

Design consultation



Design consultation can take the form of initial advice on projects where design concepts are being established. We can also provide an independant opinion within project value engineering exercises assisting in the identification of cost saving alternatives and ways of adding value to each project.


Our advice always considers the health and safety during construction and operation which we consider is a fundermental to the sucessful design of any project.